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what anime is that you posted called "don't watch this" cause honestly it looks like it would be great lol

I was so confused for a minute i forgot this account existed. 

If you’re talking about the I just had sex ic thing i used Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic. I would totally recommend the anime it’s great!


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got on the old youtube account and I miss the old days,

really wish I had time/motivation to edit again :( I have so many crack ideas lol (especially with all these vines now)

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Mystery Skulls - Money (289 plays)
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I kind of want to make a new tumblr, because theres alot of posts here that I would rather live without - SO, any url ideas? :I I’ll use my favorite one! (its gotta be pretty cool though)

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Daemon x Alaude?

hmmmmm yes that’s a ship i could consider

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